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Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock all these years, let me clue you in. Forget everything that you know about adult online entertainment. Forget about paying for adult entertainment. I know that sounds pretty revolutionary, but as I’ve mentioned things have changed dramatically over the past ten years.

It used to be very difficult to find a naked picture on the Internet. It really was. You have to click through many different websites, which then try to pass you on to each other before you can even get a full naked picture.

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Fast forward a few years and a lot of websites started showing full galleries, but you still have to hassle with the bullshit of having to jump through many different sites. These interlink sites are called circle jerk sites. I know that the term is meant to be humorous, but it’s actually quite accurate. These websites jerk you around because the more you click, the more traffic there is and the higher the likelihood that you would click on a mat. As you can probably already tell, these websites were simply set up for people to click on ads, and these websites make money per click.

For the longest time that was the business model of online adult entertainment until free thumbnail galleries became all the rage. These websites didn’t deal with any of the crap circle jerk sites did. These became so popular that they dominated the market and circle jerk sites died. Things were going well because there was a delicate balance between porn viewers buying stuff and porn promoters making money.

Well, the balance disappeared when a new trend surfaced. This trend is the free video tube site. Now you can watch full-length videos without having to pay a red dime. If you think that this is awesome, it also highlights the big problem with canned or pre-programmed porn. It’s very boring, very predictable, and most of the time it is very formulaic. Not surprisingly a lot of guys started to look for something different.

At around the same time as the rise of circle jerk sites, there were webcam sites. These are webcams where performers would strip or have sex in front of a live camera, the so called live cam porno.

The problem with the webcams up until the rise of the tubes is that they cost a lot of money. It’s not unusual to pay $10 per minute. That’s how expensive it was. Well, just as the tube movement totally destroyed the old business models and promotion models for online adult entertainment, so did the free sex cams. Now you can watch performers for absolutely free. They work for tips.

The reason why a lot of guys love these and why you should too is easy to understand. First, they’re spontaneous, No show is the same as any other show. Second, there’s never a dull moment because there’s an interaction between the performer and the audience. Audience members are always trying to crack jokes and trying to make the performer do all sorts of funny stuff. Finally, it is exactly this audience performer interplay that makes the webcam experience so dynamic and fun.

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The internet is a continuously changing medium of expression and information gathering. Nowhere does it change more than in cybersex chat rooms. They dictate what is acceptable to the rest of the internet.

Take for instance the trend of girls shaving their pussies bald. In the Middle East this has been an edict for generations, but in the Western world it is a new found fad of recent history. But that can all change with hot webcam babes like NaturallyBlond. She bucked the trend showing off her naturally blonde pussy hairs in live sex cam shows. Guys enjoyed seeing a girl with carpet that matched the drapes. Now she is a hit and other girls in the webcam space are following suit.

To keep up on the rapidly changing trends it has been suggested that surfers of the net should frequent free sex cam sites where you can join with just an Email address. In doing so they will be able to stay relevant themselves.

Webcam sex is a great way to explore what is out there without cheating or compromising your current relationships.

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I took these screen shots in a completely free chat room. It wasn’t some free members area. It was just as I said it is, a completely free sex chat room. I should probably describe it as a free xxx chat service since it doesn’t have free/paid areas. The entire thing is one big sex fest. You can choose to tip or you can choose to lurk. Either way the models get paid and you get free chat sex!

Something like this has never been done before in the history of the adult internet. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that this does indeed exist since porn movies have moved to this model over the last couple of years.

The basics are this: You can come check out the show. This show had 1,546 users watching it. You don’t even have to be logged in to watch. Out of the people watching only about 20% were logged in. Out of all of those people only about 40 people tipped the couple for their hard work. And boy, oh boy, did she ever work his cock hard for that money!

But those 40 people tipped them about $250 total which is what they would have made otherwise. Tips are not mandatory. You can watch 1000’s of shows and never be required to tip. Have I tipped? Yeah… In the beginning I told myself I wouldn’t. But then I used to spend about $150 a month on typical cam sites. Now I spend about $40 a month tipping because it just feels good to give a girl some cash now and then.

Tap in to the only truly free webcam chat sex site you will ever find!

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