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I took these screen shots in a completely free chat room. It wasn’t some free members area. It was just as I said it is, a completely free sex chat room. I should probably describe it as a free xxx chat service since it doesn’t have free/paid areas. The entire thing is one big sex fest. You can choose to tip or you can choose to lurk. Either way the models get paid and you get free chat sex!

Something like this has never been done before in the history of the adult internet. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that this does indeed exist since porn movies have moved to this model over the last couple of years.

The basics are this: You can come check out the show. This show had 1,546 users watching it. You don’t even have to be logged in to watch. Out of the people watching only about 20% were logged in. Out of all of those people only about 40 people tipped the couple for their hard work. And boy, oh boy, did she ever work his cock hard for that money!

But those 40 people tipped them about $250 total which is what they would have made otherwise. Tips are not mandatory. You can watch 1000’s of shows and never be required to tip. Have I tipped? Yeah… In the beginning I told myself I wouldn’t. But then I used to spend about $150 a month on typical cam sites. Now I spend about $40 a month tipping because it just feels good to give a girl some cash now and then.

Tap in to the only truly free webcam chat sex site you will ever find!

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If there is one thing my grand pappy taught me it is that beggars can’t be choosers. Not that I am a beggar 24/7 or anything. I don’t think you are either. It is just that here we both are scoreless looking for a hot body to share the evening with. Sure, you could go to a brothel. You could also catch untold numbers of diseases and have your dick fall off. Screw that jazz. This is the twenty-first century, man!

Now you can find a hot body for live sex cam chat without having to leave your computer. You can even do this on your mobile phone. Nothing beats being able to connect with a hottie online with mobile sex chat, bro. Well, maybe winning Powerball, but I am talking about things you can actually have a chance at. has thousands of girls in the ledger with hundreds of them on at any given time of the day. You can score with these girls whenever is clever for you. So why haven’t you scored yet?

Don’t you know that most of these bitched are so fucking horny they will get naked for free? Don’t you know that many of them will get very chatty just to pass the time away?

Yeah, I know… those blonde girls named Candy don’t chat with you for free. No shit. They have rooms with 1,000 guys in them. Do you think they really have time to talk to your sorry ass? Fuck no! So find a pleasantly plump babe like FFBUSTYBBW36 and fuck her silly. She will dress up in a nurses outfit, a fishnet catsuit and any number of things your real main squeeze wouldn’t be caught dead in. Tonight is going to be the tops!

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